US Digital Immigration Package

Includes: US physical mobile phone card, US private address, US individual tax ID number ITIN, US independent IP

US physical mobile phone card/eSIM

Can register with Bank of America and directly connect to global websites

Hong Kong/Singapore bank account opening agent

Witness the account opening remotely, or choose to open an account in person at the bank counter

US company registration + EIN + company bank account opening

The information is simple, just provide the legal person’s passport/company name and you can apply.

US digital gift card

Japanese gift card, you can choose any amount, convenience store human flesh purchasing agent, you can take a photo to verify the purchase receipt

  • Why does the U.S. mobile phone card signal show China Mobile?

    The reason why U.S. mobile phone cards can be used in China is that U.S. telecom operators and operators in mainland China have signed commercial contracts, which allows U.S. mobile phone cards to access telecom base stations in mainland China, thereby enabling roaming use.

    Therefore, mobile phone cards used for roaming in mainland China will display the name of the domestic operator.

  • Do U.S. banks often close accounts of mainland Chinese?

    U.S. bank accounts are generally subject to risk control for the following reasons:

    1. Fast in and out of funds

    2. Frequently change login IP

    3. Participate in black and gray products, or be associated with related account transactions

  • Do I have to pay more taxes if I have an ITIN?

    ITIN, also known as Individual Tax Identification Number, is a tax processing number issued by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The target is people who are not eligible to obtain an SSN but still need to file taxes.

    ITIN will not affect our tax status. Generally speaking, mainland Chinese residents do not need to pay tax on capital gains in the United States, and only need to pay 10% dividend tax/dividend tax.

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